Who I am

I think I was already a photographer when, on my 18th birthday, my girlfriend bought me a camera. I had always wanted to take photographs, and just now and then I was even allowed to. Now I had my own camera and was taking photographs of everything. Over the years, further cameras, lenses and other paraphernalia were purchased. Film was shot, film was developed, prints were made … photography was almost always part of my life. It has been too long that I have been thinking about making photography an even greater part of my life.

The name ‘photomessenger’ came to me several years ago. To be honest, I still don’t know if it really means anything, nor why it appeals. However, just sometimes, and as with taking photographs, you don’t have to question it but, in the immortal words of Mr Nike, simply 'just do it'.

From Nottingham, England, I am currently based just north of Manila in The Philippines. Photographic opportunities of all hues present themselves on a daily basis. However, I like projects. I like to be given parameters to work to, targets to aim for. Older, hair too thin, belly too fat, knees wobbling, but I am still enjoying using my talents and enthusiasm to make photographs.

Actually, I very much do believe that it is a constantly developing talent or capacity. Photography is a skill, an art form, which I continue to learn more about all the time. Any photographer who tells you otherwise should, in my humble opinion, probably give up and go home!

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Richard Messenger - photomessenger