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where my photographs have been published.

I have stopped adding to this page - too busy taking photographs.

For me, in this context, 'published' means that the photograph has escaped from the tin box which is my computer, and out of the four walls of my office. It has been used, or recognised, by another person in some other situation. Sometimes they have paid, sometimes they have simply given me credit, other times I have just been glad, a little proud even, to be asked to help.

Futher, I am absolutely certain that there a quite a few other escapees, photographs which have been used without even a slight nod in my direction, but that is the nature of the internet.

Above is a flavour of where my photographs have escaped to, but there are other photogaphs which have been used in various other places. For one thing, I'd like to get round to showing some of the positive work which I've done in schools, helping to build relationships, raise student esteem, and promoting an interest in an artistic endeavour. All in good time, hey?

Richard Messenger - photomessenger